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S&H Torino Scale Models/Replicas
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1/18th Scale Die-cast

The best S&H Torino Toy/Replica I've seen is Ertl's
1/18th scale die-cast S&H Torino
released in 2002. This is the prototype,
which our car served as the model for.
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Check out the improvements that S&H Torino owner Kit S.
made to his Ertl S&H replica! He added the horizontal bumper
guards to the front and back, he blacked out the grille,
and he painted the turn signals yellow from the inside.
These look like pictures of a real car, don't they!?


1/25th Scale Plastic

If you've got the skill, and about $45, Model Car World will sell you
a 1/25th scale resin (plastic) 1976 Ford Gran Torino model kit.
You can paint it like S&H if you want to, as Paul G. did here!
The kit includes the body, grille, bumpers, lights, wheels, dash,
and "glass." You need to also purchase (from a store or eBay) a
Revell 1970 Torino Cobra kit to provide the chassis, engine, & interior.
Another chassis might do, but the Torino Cobra's interior is nice.

Here are two more shots of Paul's completed model. Sweet!
What an incredible attention to detail - it looks real!
I've ordered one, and I have my '70 Torino donor car already.
I only hope it looks half this good when I'm done with it!


1/24th Scale Die-cast

In 2001, someone produced a 1/24th scale die-cast replica
of Bill Elliot's 1976 Gran Torino Stock Car.
S&H Torino owner
Joe W. took one of those, added the interior
from a 1/25th scale Ford LTD Ohio State Police car model,
and this is the result! That's an original Bill Elliot replica on the right.



That's right, wood! Les S. made this car for his grandson.
It's about 9 inches long, roughly 1:24 scale.
It's certainly one-of-a-kind!


Visit Steve B.'s Web Site
to see the most INCREDIBLE
collection of S&H stuff on the planet!


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