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Tom C.'s 1975 Gran Torino
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S&H Torino
Tom's car was a 1975 Gran Torino Brougham.
He bought it used in 1977 from a guy on the west side of Chicago.
Although it was already Bright Red, it was a little rough, so he went to a
local body shop with a poster from the TV show and had them repaint it
and add the white stripe and a passenger-side chrome mirror.
He then took it to a custom shop and had a thin, black pinstripe hand painted
to separate the red and white. He added air shocks to lift the back a bit
and installed F70s on 14"x 6" slotted mags in front and L60s on 14"x 9"s in back.
Otherwise, the car was stock with a 351W 2V and a black cloth bench interior.
"Although it wasn't fast," he says, "it turned more heads than any other
car I've ever owned." Tom says he "foolishly" sold it two years later to a kid
who lived in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, which is the last time he saw it.
The picture above is from 1978.

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