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Steve O.'s 1976 Ford Gran Torino

This car's previous owner said "American cars are treated like royalty
in England, and the Red and White Gran Torino is King of Kings!"
Isn't that just the way it ought to be everywhere?

When the previous owner bought this 1976 Gran Torino in 1999,
it looked very different and was without any chrome trim.
Its original color was red (2b) but it has been repainted and
he's had the interior retrimmed in leather. It has a 351 Cleveland
with a four barrel Holley carburetor. The owner did all the cosmetics
and mechanics himself, including the "Starsky" paint job and new
air shocks and springs. He wanted the car to look as close
to the way it did in the first season of the show as possible.
Getting ahold of the chrome trim was the hardest. He had quite
a few people looking and even made a trip to the States himself!


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