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Shane F.'s "Starsky & Hutch®" Replica
1976 Ford Gran Torino
Starsky & Hutch Torino
Shane was in search of a 1976 Ford Gran Torino® for over two years.
He bought this car in 1996 from a gentleman just outside Boston, MA.
It was black when he bought it, and had the original 351M with an FMX automatic.
It had a 9" ford rear end, but no posi. It had the common rust on the rear quarters
and some on the driver's side rear floor pan. The trunk pan was also a little tender.
The frame and the rest of the body were in good condition. He ran it for a few years with
the original motor, but had the paint done to reflect the "Starsky and Hutch" look.
He had "so much fun" with the car, then he lost a valve. Well, the car lost a valve.
He figured if he was going to rebuild it, he would "do it right."

At his first car show, Shane won first place in his class with over 300 cars in attendance!

Shane had Performance Unlimited in New Jersey build an early '70s Ford 460.
They put in Keith Black pistons, a performance cam, roller rockers, aluminum
Edelbrock Performance heads, Weiand Stealth Intake with a Speed Demon 850 carb.
He put a March performance pulley set on the motor with a Mallary ignition system.
He has a Tilton High performance starter on the motor to start it with ease.
Then after he had a new motor, he thought it would be nice to refresh the paint.
He had French Auto Body shave the door handles (did you notice that in the pictures?),
rework any imperfections, and give it a new coat of paint
with a hand-painted black pinstripe around the white stripe.


He also had a C-6 transmission rebuilt with a B&M shift kit installed.
Then he put a Richmond 350 gear set in the rear end with a Detroit locker setup.
He says, "I guess it is a modified version of the 'Starsky and Hutch' car."

Shane has recently purchased new triple chrome bumpers from Blue Oval,
and found NOS wheel opening lip mouldings for the car. He has some emblems
that need to go on it, and some more interior upgrades which will be finished in the spring.
Shane says, "I would never part with the car. I LOVE IT !"

Okay, now these must be Shane's neighbors, because there's no way one guy could
have such a cool car, live in a log cabin in the the beautiful New Hampshire woods,
AND have such a good-looking family. No way. Uh-uh.
Not to mention he has a cool name like "Shane," not something common like "John."


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