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Sean K.'s 1974 Gran Torino
S&H Replica in Progress

Sean found this 1974 Gran Torino on eBay in 2003 and has made some serious progress!
It was just painted in 2004. The search for chrome and other parts continues.
The original 400 has been retired and a 500+ HP 460 from
FordRacing.com is on its way.
Sean wants to have the car finished by Summer 2005, and wisely says,
"I don't intend to rush anything on this car at all." Good plan!
He says, "It went through a full repaint in and out, and top and underneath.
The tan interior is all boxed up and I will be
in the process of installing a full new black interior by about Spring."

Yes, taking your time and doing it right is a GREAT idea!
I just hope it's ready for our annual Fall
reunion in Evansville, Indiana in September.
We've started a tradition of drag racing our Torinos there, and I want to see this one GO!

atch out for updates on this car's progress between now and Summer 2005!

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