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Ron G.'s 1976 Ford Gran Torino®
"Starsky & Hutch"®Replica

S&H Torino

Ron says this car was a retirement present to himself that was "40 years in the making." He recently retired after 28 years of law enforcement in North Brunswick, NJ. He bought this car from Steve B in south Jersey who is also a retired officer. It a 1976 Replica that was "frame on" restored by Steve. Everything from the weather stripping to the complete under carriage was replaced. See a complete list beneath the photos below. It has 31,700 original miles. Ron has the build sheet from Ford that shows it was built in May of 1975.

S&H Torino

Check out this list of parts that were replaced on this car! Hood Insulation & Clips; Trunk Mat; Sail Panels; Carpet; Big Block Fan Shroud; Hood To Cowl Seal; Weather Strip; Entire Window And Door Felt Kit; Door Weather Strip (Both Doors); NOS Rear Bezels; NOS Rear Lenses; NOS Head Light Bezels; Chrome Lugs (20); Chrome Caps For Rims (4); Brakes; Calipers; Brake Hoses; Brake Lines; Brake Cylinders; Transmission Lines ...

S&H Torino
... Gas Tank Sending Unit And Gaskets; Shocks (4); Exhaust And Flow Master Mufflers; Exhaust Manifolds; Gaskets; Oil & Filter; Plugs, Wires, Cap; Fuel Filter; Distributor; Alternator; Edelbrock Carb.; Aluminum Edelbrock Intake; Hoses & Belts; All Gaskets; Rear Coil Springs; Lift Kit Spacers; Some Front End Parts; Battery; Battery Cables; Voltage Regulator ...
S&H Torino
... Radiator Bushings; Ball Joints; Coil Master Cylinder & Booster; Chrome Radiator Brackets; Chrome Air Cleaner Lid; After Market M/T Valve Covers; Stainless Steel Braided Heater Hoses & Hose Ends; NOS Rear Bumper Guards & Pads; Re-Chromed Front Bumper; Re-Chromed Rear Bumper; Polished Lower Rockers; Polished Wheel Opening Lip Moldings (All 4); and (last but not least)Re-Done Chrome Powder Coated Hood Hinges & Bolts!
S&H Torino
S&H Torino
S&H Torino

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