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Rick N.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch"
®Ford Gran Torino®

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This car was previously listed on this site as belonging to Leon T. in New York. Leon was the car's original owner. Rick saw the car listed on my For Sale page (it was up for auction on eBay) and bought it in January of 2006. He drove the car from New York to Massachusetts with no problems at all. He says it appears to be 95% original. Leon gave him most of the receipts except for the original window sticker, and Rick found a build sheet (which says "Starsky and Hutch PS122" on it) under the back seat. The car still has its original AM radio, and the original 14" Magnum 500 rims and trim rings came in the trunk. The interior has black bucket seats & automatic on the floor, all in original mint condition. To the best of Rick's knowledge, the only things that are not original are the 351 engine (it came from the factory with a 400), the 15" 5-slotted rims, and the tires. The floor boards, the bottom of the doors, and the trunk pan have been replaced, and whoever replaced them "did an outstanding job." The car was repainted professionally in 2004 and Rick says, "it looks like a factory paint job."

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Rick says, "We were all amazed at the condition this car was in for the price." Judging by the photos and the sale price (too low to mention), I have to agree!

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Leon, the previous owner, bought this car brand new on July 6, 1976 at Bailey Ford Inc. in Malone, New York for $5,792 (it's worth at least 3 times that much now). He drove it every day until 1985 when he took it off the road. In 1997-98, he had it rebuilt because the doors, trunk, and floor boards were rotted. The 351 engine (which was installed in 1979) was also rebuilt at that time. Although Leon pulled it out of the garage and took the above photo in the Winter recently, it hasn't been on the road in the Winter since before the body work and paint were redone. It's been beautifully preserved and Rick is very fortunate to own this rare piece of American Automobile History. Great Find, Rick! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Rick says, "in 1975 I was 15 years old and watched 'Starsky & Hutch' every Saturday night. I always wanted a Gran Torino. Now, 30 years later I have a Limited Edition. I'm Like a little kid again - and still watching
the shows on DVD! My wife thinks I'm crazy."

Welcome to the club, Rick!

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