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2005 S&H Torino Reunions

May 17 & 18, 2005, "Automotion"
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

In attendance were John Q., Derek C., Don M., Eric J., and Ivan T. The Drive-In movie that night was "Starsky & Hutch."® How cool is that?


May 2005, Sweet Home Alabama

David M. and Victor W. got together on top of Red Mountain overlooking Burmingham in May of 2005. David is a veteran of several other S&H Torino Reunions, and Victor's car was restored by Scott T., the same guy who restored mine - so that makes us kin!


June 3-5, 2005, Carlisle, PA
All Ford Nationals - Al Handy Memorial
S&H Torino Reunion Photo

Seventeen S&H Torino owners and their families gathered to celebrate the memory of a great guy, Al Handy Jr., who we met at Carlisle the year before. We all raised funds for the Officer Al Handy Memorial Scholarship fund, and the top fundraisers won great prizes. This was a great reunion, and seventeen cars tied our previous world record - which has been tied twice, but not broken as of March 2006.

S&H Torino Reunion Photo

Group of Owners on the Left
Back Row:
Peter C., Michael G., George G., Don S., Al Handy Sr.
Front Row:
Shari J., Jim W., Rick B.

Group of Owners on the Right
Back Row:
Mike M., Ian R., Rick K., Terry F., Chuck B.
Front Row:
Bobby C., Steve B., Dan F., John Q.

S&H Torino Reunion Photo


September 23 & 24, 2005
Evansville, Indiana Annual Fall Reunion
S&H Torino Reunion Photo

Believe it or not, when we met in Evansville in September of 2005, we tied our world record of 17 cars AGAIN! The record had been set in Evansville in 2004 and tied at Carlisle in 2005. We had another fundraiser raffle, this time for Ovarian Cancer Awareness of Kentucky (in honor of Laura S., who was winning her battle with cancer at the time) and for victims of hurricane Katrina that hit just days before. Unfortunately, this was probably the last big Evansville reunion ever - but if that turns out to be true, at least we went out with a bang. Not only did we set a world record and have a great time, but we won the Club Participation Award at the car show!

S&H Torino Reunion Photo

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