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17 "Starsky & Hutch"®Torinos at the
River City Autofest, Evansville, IN, 2004

S&H Torinos in Evansville
Left to Right and Front to Back:
Dennis S. (KY), Anthony M. (CA), Rick K. (OH), Pam S. (IL),
Lance E. (IL), David M. (AL), Charles C. (OH), Damon J. (KS)
Lewis C. (KY), Joe W. (IN), Kevin M. (IN), Brian Z. (IL),
Terry F. (OH), Jim W. (PA), Pat P. (IL), Jimmy H. (KY).
and, at the back of the pack:
Penny Q. (WI)

S&H Torinos at Carlisle
17 S&H Torinos from 9 different states! Two New World Records!

Also in attendance without S&H Torinos were: S&H Torino Owners Bridget D., Ken K., and ALL THE WAY FROM GERMANY, Torsten L. Also: Special Guest Bill Maynard, "Painter of 1,000 S&H Torinos"

S&H Torinos at Carlisle

Evansville's Finest (in the white Impala) showed up to be sure a crowd of onlookers didn't form and get in the way of our group photo shoot. This is a school parking lot
and there was a marching band competition going on. The next Monday, everyone that was at the competition was talking about the 17 "Starsky & Hutch" cars in the lot!

For the first time, our S&H Torino Reunion was also a Fairlane Club of America Mini-Meet. Several of the cars in attendance were already FCA members and six more signed up! The FCA provided nice door prizes for the new members. Thanks!

We also held a little raffle among ourselves to raise money for the Alfred H. Handy Memorial Scholarship Fund. Al was a 34 year old Police Officer and S&H Torino Owner who died suddenly in July of 2004. The Scholarship Fund was established in his name by the Police Officers Association in Randolph, Massachusetts where Al worked.

We had over 30 prizes donated by S&H Torino owners and companies (listed below), each worth at least $10 - $30. Everyone who participated got a nice S&H Torino Pin
and a bottle of Meguiar's Quick Detailer, AND everyone won at least one raffle prize!

$620 was raised for the Al Handy Scholarship Fund! That's a fantastic number that far exceeded our expectations! In addition to everyone buying plenty of raffle tickets,
several people made cash donations to the fund.
THANK YOU ALL for your participation and generosity! Thanks, especially, to everyone who donated prizes:

(Click the Underlined Names to Visit their Web Sites)

S&H Torino Owners:
Steve B. - S&H Movie Posters
Lewis C. - S&H Movie 4-Panel Poster
Dan F. - S&H Movie Items
Rose P. - S&H Embroidered Blanket
Anthony M. - Zebra 3 SD S&H Torino Shirts
"Movie Mike" W. - S&H Torino Shirts, Hats, Pins
Meguiar's Car Care Products - 42 Bottles of Quick Detailer
Racing Champions Ertl - Die-Cast 1976 & 1970 Torinos

"Thank You" from all the S&H Torino Owners at the reunion and on behalf of the Randolph Police Officers Association and Al Sr. & Louella Handy, Al's parents.

S&H Torinos at Carlisle

S&H Torinos Drag Race at Chandler Motorsports Park

For the first time in history, as far as I know, FIVE S&H Torinos left the Autofest Reunion for a while and drove to an 1/8th mile drag strip nearby where they raced each other for fun. Lance E., Anthony M., Rose P., John Q., and Jim W. tore up the drag strip in Chandler. It was a LOT of fun! No - it was FANTASTIC! We all had a blast!

S&H Torinos at Carlisle

Thanks to Joe & Chris Willett who sent me most of these pictures and several others that will be posted here in the future!

Thank you ALL for coming! Hope to see you again soon!

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