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Y2K S&H Torino Reunions

FOUR Torinos gathered at the
My Classic Car Autofest Nationals
in Evansville, Indiana in October of 2000,
and these 2 photos made the
MCC Web Site!
This is
our Torino.

Our Torino at Autofest


From Top to Bottom,
here's a
MCC Web Site photo of:
Brent W.'s Torino
Joe W.'s Torino
Our Torino
Liz B.'s Torino

Four Torinos at Autofest


These three Starsky & Hutch Torinos got together at the
Ford Expo in Columbus Ohio September 2-3.
They are (left)
Terry F.'s Limited Edition,
Brent W.'s TV Show Replica (center), and
Larry D.'s Limited Edition (right).

S&H Torinos


Penny and I got our Torino together with
Mark P.'s (left)
in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in August.

S&H Torinos


These Starsky & Hutch Torinos got together at the
Carlisle All Ford Show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
in March of 2000. They are
Steve B.'s Limited Edition
(under tent), Brent W.'s TV Show Replica (center), and
Mark L.'s Limited Edition (front). What a fantastic sight!

S&H Torinos


The Winner's Circle at Carlisle,
in the Starsky & Hutch Torino category:
Brent W. took First Place
and Steve B. placed Second.

S&H Torinos


The Limited Edition Torino on the left is Terry F.'s,
and the TV Show Replica on the right is Detective Brent W.'s
at the Norwalk, Ohio, All Ford Show!


The same weekend as the Reunion in Carlisle,
John & Mary F. met us (John & Penny Q.)
here in Wisconsin.

S&H Torinos


In May of 2000,
our Limited Edition 1976 S&H Torino
Chris C.'s appeared together at a car show.

S&H Torino


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