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Ray L.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch"
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This S&H Torino was previously listed on this site as belonging to Lucinda G., and to Mike L. before that. Ray bought it in June of 2007 and moved it from New Jersey to Massachusetts. It has a 460, and Ray put stainless steel dual exhaust on it. He built an under-the-dash console to hold the siren control, flashing headlight control, and the oil pressure and tach. It has an original Motorola police radio under the dash, too. Ray says the car is in remarkable condition, has no tears in the original interior, and has very low mileage. Ray is a teacher at a vocational school and the car has been a big hit with the kids. It has become the official car of the Cross-Country team and Ray and the other coach use it to follow the kids as they run! Ray says, "I have dreamed of having one of these for 31 years, but never thought I would ever own a 'real' one."

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Ray says he has a large 3-car garage but already had 3 vehicles in it, so his beloved Pickup now sits outside! Ray is the type of person who has to have possessions under cover and properly stored, so he purchased an Eagle 4-posted lift, raised his 1966 Mustang, and put the Torino underneath. Ray says everything fits with just inches between the bottom car and lift, and the top car and ceiling.

Frankly, I'd like to think this is the only way a Mustang could ever "top" a Gran Torino - but that's just me! :-)

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