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Phil S.'s 1976 Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch®" Gran Torinos
S&H Torino
This car has column shift with a bench seat. It currently has a 351C
The original motor & tranny are long gone. The interior is all stock.
After he got the car home, Phil found the build sheet behind the seat
with S&H notes on the bottom, and the car's DSO ends with 0022,
all of which are proof of the car's authenticity as one of 1,000 S&H units.

S&H Torino

S&H Torino

Phil bought this second car (one photo, above) off E-bay. It is all original.
It has floor shift with bucket seats and a 351W engine.
The interior is all stock. When Phil bought this car,
the build sheet came with it. It also has the PS-122 tag and
correct DSO number. After Phil got it home he started to
disassemble some of it and found a second build sheet
under the back seat - a great find! Two well-documented cars!

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