S&H Torino Headquarters
Perry W.'s 1976 Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch®" Gran Torino
Perry W.'s Beautiful Starsky and Hutch Torino

Perry, who owned another S&H Torino Once Upon a Time,
purchased this one on July 6, 2000 on ebay.

I got to see this car in person just before Perry bought it and I
REALLY liked it! This car appeared to be all original, except
for the S&H slotted mag wheels, which are a nice addition
(the original factory Ford Magnum 500s were in the trunk).

The interior was BEAUTIFUL - the cloth bench seats, door panels,
steering wheel, instrument panels, and dash board looked flawless.

The paint appeared to be original from the factory. The factory paint job,
especially the stripe, is really an important part of this car's history
and character. This car looked very nice for being (apparently) all original,
one of the two nicest all original S&H Torinos I've seen.
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