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S&H Gran Torino

Peg and Paul are the original owners of this 1976 factory S&H Torino.
It has a 351 with shift on the console,
and only 23,000 actual miles on it,
making it the lowest mileage S&H Torino I know of!
Peg and Paul ordered it brand new in 1976, drove it the first year, and stored it ever since.
They get it out once in a while, usually on the 4th of July.
It had it's first parade debut in the Somers, Iowa Centennial Parade in 2002.
All Peg and Paul have added to it are air shocks and new wheels.
It was ordered at Carver Ford in Rockwell City, Iowa.
They still have the window sticker, invoice, and license plate cardboard from the dealership.

S&H Gran Torino
Peg and Paul contacted me after reading an article about the S&H Movie
Torinos in Hot Rod Magazine in February, 2004.
Their car is a real rare gem, I'm glad to help them share it with the world!

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