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Paul S.'s Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch®" Gran Torino

When Empire Interactive promoted the release of their S&H game
for PC, X-Box, and PS2, they hired Paul's S&H Torino to appear
with Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas, who narrates the game.
Here, Antonio has just autographed the lid of Paul's "boot."

Paul's 1976 Limited Production Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino is, by far,
the nicest all original S&H Gran Torino I've ever seen in person!

When Paul bought it, this car had less than 37,000 miles on it, with the
original 351 Windsor 2 bbl. V8 engine still in place. It has cruise control,
air conditioning, and bucket seats with center console and floor shifter.

Paul purchased his S&H Torino from the original owner in Minnesota.
He and his fiancé (now Mrs. S.) drove the car all the way to New Jersey
where it was put on a slow boat to England, where it now resides
with several
other Limited Production and Replica S&H Torinos.

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