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Noma & Larry B.'s Limited Production '76
"Starsky & Hutch"®Ford Gran Torino®

When Noma and Larry e-mailed me in June of 2001, they were still excited because they had just been reunited with their Torino after 17 years! They originally bought the car in 1976, but then sold it in 1984. Once they found the car again, It took almost a year to come to a deal with the guy who had bought it from them 17 years ago.

This car does have the PS-122 code and a DSO number of 210022, meaning it's a Limited Production S&H Gran Torino that was shipped to the Atlanta sales region from the factory in Chicago - and it's still in Georgia! Noma and Larry even have the original window sticker! They say it really hasn't taken much to get it running again. It has a 351 engine that was rebuilt about 1982, and there have only been about 2,500 miles put on the engine since they sold it in 1984.

Does this sound like a great story? You bet it does! BUT it gets better! This isn't the first time they've re-purchased this car after selling it! They sold it once before, in 1980, then found it again in 1982! The fire wall had been cut out, and that was, they say, a major repair. They thought they had the original engine, but found out it came out of an LTD II. They "had her repainted and all fixed up" but then "thought [they] would do better to sell her than let her sit up" and sold it in 1984.

But, the car is home now for the THIRD and, Noma & Larry say, FINAL time! "The entire family has been as excited as if a long lost family member has returned."

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