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"Movie Mike" W.'s 1974 Gran Torino®
Stunt Performer in the S&H

These photos were taken after the S&H Movie was filmed.
This is known as the "Flying Dunk Car."
You can see WHY it's called that in a 2-page photo in the
March issue of Hot Rod Magazine!

The top was cut off this car after filming to remove the cameras.

This is what the "Flying Dunk Car" looked like when Penny and I
visited Mike (that's him, holding up a piece of Torino #1)
at Premiere Studio Rentals in San Fernando, California,
on May 2, 2003, during filming of the S&H Movie.

This car is one of three Gran Torinos owned by Mike
that starred in the 2004 "Starsky & Hutch"

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