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"Movie Mike" W.'s "Starsky & Hutch"®
1976 Ford GranTorino
® #3

This 1976 Gran Torino was purchased from S&H Torino owner
Steve B., who also sold the Torino to Mike that would become
Movie Hero
Torino #1! Mike purchased this car with the intent
of making it into Movie Hero #3, but it wasn't needed for filming,
so its transformation into Starsky colors was postponed until recently.

This is, as far as I am concerned, the first replica of the "Starsky & Hutch"
Movie Torinos - and no one could make a better one than the guy who
made those cars, too! This car's future is uncertain as of now -
it could go on tour to promote the Movie, it could star in a sequel,
or it could get sold to one of the many people who really want a S&H
Torino built by the guy who built the Movie Hero Torinos - "
Movie Mike."

This is one of four Gran Torinos owned by "Movie Mike."
The other three are "stars" of the 2004 S&H Movie!

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