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Michael O.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch"
®Ford Gran Torino®

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Michael is only the third owner of this Limited Production S&H Torino. The 740022 DSO number indicates it was first sold in the Seattle sales region, so it has stayed close to its first "home" in Washington. Although these photos were just added in 2005, this is one of the first cars to be added to this web site back in 1999. It's good to see someone hanging on to such a great car!

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This is such a nice paint job, I should have titled this page, "Michaelangel O's S&H Torino!" (Get it? Michael O? Michaelangelo? The painter? Oh, never mind.) Michael was smart to keep the original factory stripe's shape (see top photo) when he re-sprayed the car. The unique shape is part of the car's value as an original S&H Unit.

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