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Lee C.'s 1976 Gran Torino®
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This is the second S&H Torino Replica put together by Paul S. and Simon C. in England. Paul and Simon both own very beautiful, factory original, Limited Production S&H Torinos, and a few years ago they decided to put their collective experience to work and build replicas to sell in the UK. Later on, I'll show you the other car they've built, and I'll show you their own cars and their web site as well - but I want you to see all the photos of this car first. These are some of the nicest S&H Torino photos I've seen. Sometimes I spend hours "doctoring" photos before I put them on this site to make them look nice (not the cars themselves, but the background and everything else around the cars in the photos ) but I didn't have to touch these. I spread them across two pages so as not to overwhelm you at once, but please take the time to look at them all!

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Paul, who oversaw much of the work on this car, says, "This car really did turn out superbly for various reasons. For starters, it was an excellent base car that hid its 29 years very well. It has an excellent paint job - we used the best guy we could find. And, we paid attention to detail as much as possible - I am a stickler for it and wanted the car to be right. Lee had ordered the car based on the quality of [the previous car we built] and we just wanted to do the very best job we could. It cost a lot of time and money but the end result shows that - the car looks new."

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PLEASE take the time to see more photos and read more about this car!
I just couldn't fit everything on this one page!

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