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Kim and Randy A.'s Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch"®Ford Gran Torino®

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Kim and Randy bought this S&H Torino from the original owner for a price so low I can't even mention it. It only drives in reverse right now, but as soon as they get that fixed, they will have increased the car's value by about 800% over what they paid for it! Kim says the engine fires right up and sounds really good, and Randy likes to show it off for people, but she thinks they will probably sell the car once they have it all restored - so watch for that to happen here someday!

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See Larger Photos

These are the data sticker (left) and tag (right) that you hear so much about on this web site. Since all Limited Production S&H Torinos were 1976 models produced in Chicago, and all were Gran Torinos (not Torinos or Gran Torino Broughams), they all have a VIN that begins with 6 (1976) G (Chicago) 30 (Gran Torino). The first two digits of the DSO number tell you what sales District the car was shipped to (21 is Atlanta), and 0022 is the Special Order number for all "Starsky & Hutch" units. The "PS-122" on the metal tag also indicates the car is a S&H unit. I have seen some tags that did have the correct DSO number on them but did not say "PS-122." Also notice the paint code says 2B (Bright Red), which was available only by special order in 1976 and was mixed specifically for the S&H units (although also available on other cars at that time). Read More about the Limited Production S&H Units.

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