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Kevin C.
's 1975 Gran Torino
"Starsky & Hutch®" Replica
Kevin C.'s 1975 Gran Torino

Here are David "Hutch" Soul and Paul Michael "Starsky" Glaser
posing with Kevin's Torino in 2003. They still look pretty good!
Okay, actually, that's NOT Paul Michael Glaser on the right, that's Kevin.
But that really IS David Soul on the left! David drove Kevin's car
through a pile of cardboard boxes for a BBC television program.

Kevin C.'s 1975 Gran Torino
Kevin's 1975 Gran Torino has body side moldings and chrome mirrors,
one of only a few on this site that look like the cars from the
Second - Fourth seasons of the TV show!
It also has a 351 2 bbl engine.

Kevin C.'s 1975 Gran Torino
Kev's been having too much fun with this S&H Torino!
He used it to pick up a groom and his groomsman and take them
to the wedding - a wonderful surprise for the groom!
The car really stole the show that day!

Kevin C.'s 1975 Gran Torino

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