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Kenny R.'s 1975 Ford Gran Torino®
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S&H Torino

Kenny's 1975 Gran Torino started out with a yellow paint job, a black vinyl top, and a 351 Windsor motor. Kenny is at least the third owner, and he has very little info on its history. The car has been painted with the classic S&H paint job, and air shocks have been added in the rear. Also, the 351 W was replaced with a 460 cid motor before Kenny bought it. He is currently trying to get some ID numbers from the engine and transmission so he'll know what equipment is in the drive train.

Kenny says this is "by no means a show car, but I do get a lot of thumbs up and people wanting to chat about it." His next step, he says, is to find a local shop that has the ability to work on classic cars in order to upgrade the drive train. I'm sure he'll pick a good one, because you can't afford to be a gambler when it comes to working on your S&H Torino.

S&H Torino

S&H Torino
S&H Torino
S&H Torino

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