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S&H Torino

This car was built in Chicago, Illinois, on March 25, 1976, with bright red paint, black vinyl bucket seats, automatic XP-type (C4) transmission, non-locking rear axle, HR78x14/B Radial tires, left and right hand racing mirrors, styled steel magnum wheels, and 351 CID 2 bbl. Windsor engine. For quite some now, the car has had a 1971 351 Cleveland engine in it.

S&H Torino

This car is very near and dear to my heart because it's the first S&H Torino I ever owned. Penny and I bought it from Scott T. in Ohio 1998. We sold it to Rich M. in California in 2000. Rich sold it to Richard R. in Texas, and he sold it to Bobby C. in New York in 2003. It's been everywhere, man! Bobby C. sold it to Joshua L. in 2016, and it stayed in New York where it belongs. As soon as the weather turns nice, we'll get some new photos from Joshua. Until then, the ones on this page show the car in several of its previous homes. Penny and I were happy to see our old car again at the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA in 2005.
S&H Torino
I don't know who these guys are sitting on the car while filming the Today Show in 2004. They must be somebody, because they both autographed the car. ;-)
S&H Torino
Joshua says, "I grew up watching "Starsky & Hutch" re-runs on TV and VHS with my father and grandfather, and saw the movie in 2004. From the first time I saw it, this car was my favorite. After purchasing the car, I purchased a truck load of parts, and have great plans to make this car close to new again, to take it to local car shows, and to have fun driving it."
S&H Torino
Here are a few more shots from previous owner Rich in California (below).
S&H Torino
S&H Torino
S&H Torino

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