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John M.'s '76 Limited Production
and S&H TV Show Ford Gran Torino®
John M.'s S&H Gran Torino

John purchased this car in 2000 and has since restored it.
It is one of the 1,000 Limited Production S&H Torinos built by Ford
in the Spring of 1976 - and one of the earliest ones built.
It has a 429 4 bbl. in it, but was built with a 351 according to the VIN.

John says this car was leased to Spelling Goldberg Productions,
and he has a check stub from them with the car's description on it.
Known as "Unit 129," John says it was used as a "backup" car late
in 1977 and all of 1978 and '79 (the 2nd - 4th seasons of the show).
John got this information from a previous owner of the car,
Buddy Loesch, who worked in the TV show's Transportation Dept.
Buddy's son, Jerad, now carries on the legacy -
see what I mean.

John M.'s S&H Gran Torino

John M.'s S&H Gran Torino
In these last two photos, the car is sporting its original wheels
recently polished to a mirror-like finish.

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