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John & Penny Q.'s
Engine Replacement Project

1974 351 W

This is the old engine that was in our Torino when we bought it in 2000. It was a 351 Windsor that Scott T., who we bought our car from, took out of the 1974 Gran Torino that served as a parts donor for our car. Notice the rust and corrosion on all bare metal parts, oil and gunk on the carburetor, oil all over the intake, discoloration on the black parts.

1976 351 W

This is the "new" original engine, which hasn't run in ten years - until now. When Scott pulled it from the car in 1999, he had the good sense to keep it, and he gave it to us when we bought the car in 2000. Fortunately, we kept it in the garage since then. It has now been rebuilt, and all other parts in the engine compartment have been cleaned and painted. Blacks are black, bare metal is silver, intake and engine are blue & clean.

Being the original, the serial number on this engine matches the VIN on the car.

The engine was rebuilt by Gopher Engines in Minneapolis.
Visit their Web Site to get a good description of their rebuilding process.The engine has a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on it. It's been rebuilt as close to stock specifications as possible.





All Gopher remanufactured engines have these new parts: Pistons, Piston Rings and Lock Rings, Rings, Piston Pin Bushings, Camshaft Bearings, Rod Bearings, Main Bearings, Rear Main Seal, Timing Gears and Chain, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Valve Keepers, Valve Seals, Expansion Plugs, Hydraulic Lifters, Oil Pan Gaskets, Oil Galley Plugs, Chain Tensioners, Chain Guides, Oil Pump, and (if necessary) Rocker Balls and Nuts, Rocker Stands, Rocker Arm Shafts, Timing Belts, Valve Seats, Rod Bolts, Rocker Arms, Valve Springs, Valve Guides, Push Rods, and Camshaft. Then we added a new Water Pump, Fuel Pump, Remanufactured Starter, Remanufactured Carburetor, Distributor, Cap & Rotor, Plugs, Wires, Belts, Hoses, and a used wiring harness with new Ignition Module.

1976 351 W

The old engine served us well, but for the last year had been blowing a lot of oil, and developed a rear main seal leak that could not be completely fixed. We have some tweaking to do on the new engine, and some paint to touch up, but it's completely installed and running after two weeks of hard work.

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