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Joe D.'s 1974 Gran Torino
"Starsky & Hutch®" Replica

Joe's car was originally green with "highway gears" and a 351 Windsor engine.
Now it's "Guard's Red" [Porsche Red] with a Pearl White stripe.
It has 14x12 (yes, 12) aluminum wheels on back and 14x7.5 on front.
The new motor is a 351M/400 balanced and blueprinted. It has a
292 Crane cam and lifter set, and a 750 cfm dual line double pumper Holley tricked.
The transmission is a '71Mustang FMX with B&M street and strip shift kit.
The rear end is original 9 inch Ford but Joe added a 4:11 zoom ring and pinion kit.
The interior consists of original AM/FM 8 Track tape player!
Joe added swivel black bucket seats and a '71 mustang automatic floor shifter.
The interior color is original black, and Joe added crimson carpet.
Joe says, "This was my first car when I got out of the service and
I will never part with it. It's so much fun to drive and show off in."


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