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Jim G.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch®" Gran Torino
S&H Torino

Jim is the original owner of this "Starsky & Hutch" Ford Gran Torino!
It has a 351 CID Windsor Engine, Air Conditioning, 8-track player
that still works, black bench seats, and factory Magnum 500 wheels.
Jim purchased the car new in Queens, New York, in May 1976.
He still has the bill of sale!

This is how the car looked in 1990. Jim had a friend
install dual exhaust sidepipes and slotted chrome Appliance Wheels.
The car was stolen once and later returned, but with some damage.
The wheels were stolen, the trunk broken into, and the wiring ripped out.
The side pipes were removed later, after the car was returned.

Jim and the Torino Today

Jim's Son, Jimmy.


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