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Jeff B.'s '74
S&H Gran Torino
Jeff B.'s S&H Torino

This is Jeff B.'s third "Starsky & Hutch" car (see another in the driveway).
After deciding that the original 351 engine didn't have enough horsepower,
Jeff installed a 460 from a 1977 Lincoln. It has a mid-range cam and
Holley 750 carb, and a C6 tranny with a 9", 28 spline axle with 3:30 gears.
It also has high lift coil springs and 12 inch rear wheels - yes 12 inches!

Starsky & Hutch Torino
This Oklahoma Torino is more than O.K. - it's fantastic!
Look at those tinted windows, they're perfect for undercover work!
Take a look at the "before" picture, below. This car originally had a
vinyl top
and opera windows, so if you're thinking of making a S&H
replica and you're willing to work extra hard, Jeff has shown
that even those things shouldn't stop you!

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