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Guy E.'s 1976 S&H Replica Gran Torino

S&H Torino
Guy bought his 1976 Gran Torino "Starsky & Hutch" replica in 1985.
It had a 351 Cleveland with no oil pressure. He replaced it with a 1971 429,
which is a factory 10:1 compression engine. He had it rebuilt in 1996.
Guy installed a TQ30 Sig Erson Camshaft and lifters and SVO direct replacement
roller rockers, an Edelbrock 460 aluminum intake manifold and Hooker Super
Competition Headers. In 1985 he rebuilt the front end and put in a pair of
460 coil springs. In 1992 he sold the car, but in 1993 he got it back!
It was "thrashed," but he bought it for "almost nothing."

S&H Torino
When he got it back into his garage, he stripped the interior and wiring completely out.
He got the interior out of a 1974 Cougar and had the buckets and rear seat reupholstered.
He then acquired a 1975 Gran Torino Elite and pulled the wiring out of it, did some modifi-
cations and installed it. It now has the 429 with air conditioning, full gage package with
factory tach, floor shifter with console, delay wipers, map lights, and rear window defroster!
These pictures were taken in 1992 before he sold it and then got it back.

S&H Torino
Don't we all wish we would have had our S&H Torino when we got married?

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