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US & Canada DVD

US & Canada DVD

US & Canada DVD

US & Canada DVD

"Starsky & Hutch"
Complete 1st Season

(USA & Canada Encoding)

"Starsky & Hutch"
Complete 2nd Season

(USA & Canada Encoding)

"Starsky & Hutch"
Complete 3rd Season

(USA & Canada Encoding)

"Starsky & Hutch"
Complete 4th Season

(USA & Canada Encoding)


Put Cruise Control in your Torino!

Audiovox CCS100
Cruise Control

If you drive your Torino on the highway and it doesn't have working cruise control, YOU NEED to get the Audiovox CCS100 Cruise Control system! I bought one after Ian R. told me about it, and now I'm sharing the goodness with you! I installed the whole system in 5 hours, working by myself and taking my sweet time, and I'm not a very mechanical person. Very few tools were required. If I can do it, anyone can!

We just drove our Torino over 6,500 miles in 2007 and the cruise control worked fantastic! It works as good as the factory-installed cruise control in my newer cars. If you drive your Torino long distances, and you really should if you don't, this unit is a MUST HAVE!

(You have to install a magnet on your drive shaft and a sensor next to it, which means you need to get under the middle of your car. I highly recommend putting the car on a mechanic's hoist, but if you must use ramps or jacks, please be very careful! Always use appropriately rated jack stands - never use concrete blocks or anything else - to hold up your car. Again, I highly recommend a mechanic's hoist. Find a friend with a hoist, like I did, or take the car to your favorite garage and have them install just the sensor and magnet. The rest you can definitely do yourself! I do receive a small commission, which supports this web site, from purchases made after following my links to Amazon.com.)

Torino Model Body For Sale

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A 1976 Gran Torino Resin Body is available from Model Car World.

1) Print their order form.
2) Fill in the info from
their catalog. The last time I checked (double check their catalog before you order), it was:
Part #: TOR-76
Description: 1976 Limited Edition Gran Torino (1/25th scale)
Price: $45
3) Fax in the order form

Includes body, grill & bumpers, dash, engine bay parts, wheels & tires, and "glass."

You must also purchase (separately) a Revell 1970 Ford Torino model kit for the interior, engine, and chassis!

S&H Movie Torino Hats and T-Shirts
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Torino Parts Suppliers


Dearborn Classics
"An international mail order company
that specializes in the manufacture
and supply of quality parts
and accessories for the
Ford Torino [& other Classic Fords]."
Get their FREE Parts Catalog!

Torinos for Sale
Visit Dearborn Classics!


They've been selling Ford parts
for 20 years. They offer thousands of
"top quality" reproduction and
Genuine Ford parts for the restoration
of your Torino [or other Classic Ford].

Visit Autokrafters' Web Site


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There is no such thing as a list price or blue book value for any of these cars - any collector car is "worth" exactly what the buyer is willing to pay for it and the seller is willing to sell it for. I highly recommend that any potential buyer ask the seller MANY questions about the condition of the car, and that buyers see the car in person and test drive it before buying. Be sure the car has a clear title, with no liens against it.

I highly recommend that buyers not go into debt to purchase a car which is - hopefully - not going to be their primary means of daily transportation, and that married people purchase such a car only with the complete support of their spouse.

The presence of strobe lights, sirens, and red revolving lights in any car that is not an official Police car is illegal in many states. Check your own State and local regulations!

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Used parts are used parts. If you are concerned about the condition of the used parts you are purchasing from any seller, which is not a bad idea, ask to see photos of the parts before you buy them. Be sure you know what you are getting!

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