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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I make absolutely NO guarantee that these answers are "right" or "wrong." They are based on the best information I have now, and can change without notice. Sometimes there is no simple right or wrong answer, just different opinions. Use your own judgment, and consult a professional before doing anything mechanical! I will add more Questions and Answers to this page from time to time.

Buying, Selling, Value
Identifying S&H Torinos
Paint and Stripes
Torinos vs. Gran Torinos
Wheels & Mechanical Stuff
Buying, Selling, Value

Q: "Do you know of any S&H Torinos for sale?"

A: If I do, they are on my For Sale page.

Q: "If there are none there, can you email me when you know of one for sale?"
A: No, I'm sorry, but I can't. You'll have to check my For Sale page regularly. I get that request from hundreds of people, and I can't possibly keep track of them all!

Q: "Where else should I look for S&H Torinos for sale?"
A: eBay is the best source on the Web.

Q: "I'm thinking about buying a S&H Torino, what's it worth?"
A: There's no way for me to answer that. Please read the disclaimer on the bottom of my For Sale page.

Q: "I'm thinking about selling a S&H Torino, what's it worth?"
A: There's no way for me to answer that. Please read the disclaimer on the bottom of my For Sale page.

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Identifying Limited Production S&H Torinos

Q: "How can I tell if a S&H Torino is one of the "real" S&H units from the factory?"

A: By the DSO number.

Q: "But can't you tell just by looking at the VIN?"
A: Nope. The VIN can only tell you if the car is NOT original.

Read More about DSOs, VINs, and other means of Identification

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Paint and Stripes

Q: What are the red and white paint codes?
A: That depends on what car you are copying. According to "Movie" Mike Walsh, the movie car colors are Viper Red (PPG-73840), White (DMC-900), and Black (PPG-9300). If your paint guy gets confused by the white code - that's actually pure toner, the brightest white possible.

The Factory Produced S&H Units were 2B Bright Red and "Standard Ford White," whatever code that was.

My factory car was repainted with these codes: 2B Bright Red (52-29-AM) and 9D White (433-26-A). I've never seen any difference between my car's colors and any of the original factory cars I've seen that still have original paint, so I have no reason to doubt my car's codes are correct. Other people have used other shades of white.

Any information about the exact color of the TV show car stripes, even coming from people who own them, is speculation unless they have proof of the codes. The 2B Red code is printed on the car's data tag, but the white code is not.

The only codes I have PROOF of are my car's codes and the movie car codes. Beyond that, you're free to experiment!

Viper Red and 2B Red are very similar, but Viper Red is a much brighter, more "red" red. It's a great-looking color. 2B has a slight orange tint to it, especially under certain lighting conditions. It really is "tomato" red.

Despite the comment that "Starsky" made on the TV show, the Torinos he drove were NEVER "Candy Apple Red." That was just a line in a TV show once. My first S&H Torino had been re-painted Candy Apple Red, and it had a very purple tint to it. I wouldn't recommend it if you are trying to copy the TV show, movie, or factory cars.

Q: What should the stripe look like?

A: There's no "right" or "wrong" answer to that. It's your car, do whatever you want with it.

BUT, in general, there are three types of stripes:
A) TV Show, B) Factory, and C) Movie. The TV Show stripes were different after the first year. I don't have any First Season car pictures here right now, but take a look at Doug Stevenson's 2nd - 4th Season car. For pictures of a factory stripe and explanation of how it is "unique," look at the virtual tour of my car. To see the stripe on the movie car, look at Movie Mike's Hero Torinos.

Q: Where can I get a stripe template?
A: Brent Williams sells a stripe template that many people have used. It is similar to the TV Show and movie stripes, but it is not exactly like either of them. If you want a TV, Movie, or Factory stripe, you'll have to do your own. There are plenty of cars in my photo album to look at and copy.

But if you want to buy a stencil, Brent's is a nice-looking stripe.
For an example, see Joe A.'s Torino, made with the Detective Brent Stripe Kit.

To contact Brent Williams, email him at:
brent lee williams @ sbcglobal .net (with no spaces).
Torinos vs. Gran Torinos

Q: What's the difference - on the outside, anyway - between a Torino, Gran Torino, Gran Torino Brougham, and Gran Torino Sport?
A: Ford the most part, just trim. But it varies a little by year.

Read More about the Different Types of Torinos

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Mechanical Stuff

Q: "What kind of rims or wheels are on the movie cars? TV cars? Where can I get them?
A: 5-slotted "kidney bean" aluminum mags were made by American Racing, Ansen, Appliance, Ford, Indy, Western, and others. No one makes them anymore. You can find them used at swap meets and on eBay, or refurbished from dealers like AKH Wheels.

Reproduction Wheels are available from other sources if you want brand new rims and you don't care about how much they look like vintage slotted mags. I have American Racing Ansen Sprint reproduction wheels on my car and I do not recommend them. A much better-looking reproduction wheel is the US Indy Mag U101, available from many different retailers. Do a Google Search and you'll find them. Watch this YouTube Video Review.

Q: "What size wheels and tires should I put on my S&H Torino?"
A: Please consult your local Tire Specialist, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer to that. It's going to depend on the size of your wheels (rims) and what kind of look you want.

Most people want something taller and wider in the back, like the TV show. Some S&H Torino owners have listed their tire sizes on this site. Look in my photo album, or search for "tires" - maybe there's a car on this site with tires that you really like.

Q: "Should I put air shocks or heavy-duty springs on my S&H Torino?"
A: There is no "right" or "wrong" answer to that.

My car used to have both. I put the heavy-duty springs in myself. They lifted the rear end about an inch higher than the old springs.

My car also had air shocks. The benefit is you can fill them up for shows to get maximum height, then let the air out for traveling, or whenever looks aren't as important, to get a smoother ride. BUT in my experience, the ride was not smooth enough, so when I needed new front shocks, I replaced all four, and did NOT put air shocks on the back again. Oh, baby, much smoother ride. Now, maybe my old air shocks were just worn out, I don't know.

Taller rear wheels and tires (see above) will also increase your car's rake, if that's what you're after (most of us are).

Always consult a mechanic - remember, I am NOT one!

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