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If you are looking for Torinos or parts, please look on my FOR SALE Page.

If there are no Torinos or parts listed on my For Sale Page, then I don't know of any for sale. Seriously! All of the reliable parts sources I feel confident sharing with you are also listed on my For Sale Page.

I put the information on this site so you can get it immediately instead of waiting for answers from me via email.

I generally don't give advice about the value of cars to people I don't know personally and/or about cars I have not seen in person. Please read the disclaimer on the bottom of my For Sale page.

If you have a general question about S&H Torinos, please look on our Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers page.

If that didn't work, have you tried using our Search Engine to find what you want?

To contact me for other reasons, especially if you own a S&H Torino and you want to feature it on this web site, send me an email at:
info @ starskytorino.com (without the spaces).

Also, if you want to talk to other S&H Torino owners besides me (they all know as much, if not more than I do anyway), here are three great ways to do that:

S&H Torino Discussion Forum at GranTorinoSport.org

Ford Torino Owners Yahoo Group

Ford Torino Group on Facebook

Finally, it's not free like those others, but you can join the Fairlane Club of America

Thank you!

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