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Steve B.'s S&H TV Show 1976 Gran Torino
(formerly known as Doug S.'s Torino #2)

Doug S.'s S&H Torino

According to Doug S., Gran Torino "#2" has not fared as well as "#1."
Between the time the TV series ended and the time Doug bought it,
it was wrecked, sold as salvage, reclaimed with borrowed parts,
and repainted the wrong color.
Like #1, this Torino has a 460 4 bbl. engine and many more options.
You can read much more about it in Doug's article - see link below.

Steve B., who bought the car from Doug in 2007, is having it restored
to the condition it was in during production of the TV Show.

Gran Torino "#2" has bucket seats.
These were substituted for the original bench seat to keep "Hutch"
from sliding into "Starsky" during sharp cornering.
Notice the power windows, tilt steering wheel, 8 track player,
air conditioning vents, and cruise control.

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