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On April 9, 1976, Don purchased this Limited Production S&H Gran Torino
at Sharp Ford, 3931 South U.S. 31, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The car
had a 460 cid 4 bbl with factory dual exhaust. Don had ET aluminum slotted
rims on it and had the white stripe outlined with a 1/4 inch black pinstripe.
The car had black bench seats, AM/FM 8 track, and dual sport mirrors.
There was a 3 inch Hawk tachometer installed in the dashboard where the
clock should have been, and Don had to place some foam tape
inside the dashboard faceplate to keep it from squeaking. It also had a
habit of occasionally grounding out the dash and all the gauges would peg.
Don has been told that there was some damage done to the right rear
fender when a tire accidentally came off, and a dent in the passenger door.

The last 6 digits of the VIN are 190956.

Don had to sell the car In 1985 due to a divorce. The buyer promised
to bring it back and allow him to re purchase it in one year.
Don didn't see him or the car again. The buyer lived in Plainfield, Indiana.

If you have any information regarding the location of this car,
please email us and we'll notify Don. Thank You!

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