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Don M.'s 1976 Torino
S&H Torino

That's right, I said "Torino," not "Gran Torino," but you'd never know it
after all the hard work Don has put into this car! If you look at the "before"
picture, below, you'll see that a "Torino" does not have wheel opening
lip moldings, rocker panel moldings, and is missing some other trim
pieces that are part of the "Gran" Torino package. Don searched
high and low and spared no expense to find the pieces he needed
for the transformation of his S&H replica. Fortunately for Don, the car
did have the deluxe bumpers that even some Gran Torinos don't have.

Don found this car on collectorcartraderonline in 2002.
A college student near Pittsburgh, PA owned it at the time.
This previous owner had rebuilt the 400 cid engine with 8.5:1 forged pistons,
an Edelbrock performance intake and Edelbrock 600cfm 4bbl carb.
The FMX transmission was also rebuilt at the same time.
The interior was in great condition when Don bought the car, the
seats, dash, headliner, door panels, and the kick panels were "perfect"
and Don replaced the carpet, an arm rest, and rear package tray.

S&H Torino
Before: October, 2002 - Not a bad car to begin with!

S&H Torino
After: April, 2003 - Fantastic job done in record time!

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