S&H Torino Headquarters
Derek C.'s 1976 Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch®" Ford Gran Torino®

Derek bought this car in the summer of 1996 from the original owner
who bought it from the dealership sometime in the late '70s.
It was originally used as a dealer demo unit for quite a while.
The original owner had removed all the chrome, center console, drove it
on back gravel roads, etc. - generally not great care for such a great car.

S&H Torino
Derek has been returning it to more of a stock condition.
It came from the factory with a 351W and a C4 tranny with a
800 cfm Holley double pumper and Glasspack mufflers.
The original owner put in a 351C 4 bbl. and a C6 with a 4.11 traction-lok rear end.
Derek has changed the 351C 4 bbl. to 2 bbl heads with the
Edelbrock aluminum manifold to put a Holley Street Avenger 4 bbl carb on it.
Derek kept the C6 tranny with a Gear Vendor's overdrive unit.
It has a 3.25 traction-lok rear axle. It still has the factory paint and interior!


Derek only needs a center console to complete the interior.
He will add a factory wiper delay which he got NOS,
and also will put in the deluxe overhead light.
He might or might not get it painted in the next couple of years
(there is something to be said for original paint, no matter what the condition,
although Derek's paint is in very good condition overall).
Derek would then put on the other chrome pieces which he has been buying.
This year he will remove the Ziebart and refinish the underbody with POR 15.

Derek joined Pat P., Don M., ad Penny and I in the Dells in May, 2003.


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