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David S.'s 1976 Ford Gran Torino®
"Starsky & Hutch"®Replica

S&H Torino

This is a 1976 Gran Torino with a Hi Performance 351, Crower cam,  31 spline 3:91:1/3rd member rear, C6 shifter kit and 3" Flowmaster exhaust.

David purchased it from a "chap" that Mike B. (previously listed here as owner) had sold her to in Ireland, and he took it back across the water to Scotland to the Granite City in Aberdeen. It had faded to pink, not red, and needed professional machine polishing.

David says, "My plan is to get her back up to how she was when Calum A. had her. I first met this Torino and Calum in 2004 when I joined her with my KITT replica (see below) to do the Red Nose Rally in the UK. When I got a second chance to buy her in 2013, I had to have her for nostagic reasons, and because of her history, and aslo to rescue her and give her some much needed TLC."

S&H Torino

Previous owner Mike, in Ireland, had purchased this car from Calum A., in Scotland, in 2006. Before Calum purchased it in the USA and took it to Scotland, this Gran Torino was used in a Ford Focus TV Commercial and in a TNT Produced Spoof "Starsky & Hutch" Remake! The original owner was born on the Isle of Wight, near England, but resides in the USA. This car is quite the World Traveler!

S&H Torino
S&H Torino

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