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David E.'s 1975 Torino S&H Replica

S&H Torino
David's car, like a few others on this site, started its life as a "very plain Torino."
David converted it to a "Gran Torino" down to every detail and screw inside and out.
The one liberty he took was painting it a deeper red instead of 2B like the TV cars.
This is a very low mileage car that had absolutely no rust in the body
and even had the complete original exhaust when David bought it!

S&H Torino
David has owned several street rods and custom cars before, but he says he has
"enjoyed this car more than any I have ever owned."
It has a 351 Windsor, column shift, bench seat, and cold air conditioning.

S&H Torino
This is David's car before its transformation. The next time you see a car like this for sale,
use your imagination and picture what it COULD look like. Don't pass it up because it
doesn't have a stripe, or it's the wrong color. Great S&H Torinos are made, not born!

This is a Limited Production 1976 S&H Torino that belongs to an old buddy of David's.
This is the first "Starsky" car David ever saw. David fell head over heals for it.
"This is the car that started my passion for a Torino," he says. "Although I was
building cars even in high school, this car was more than I could afford at that time.
So I waited for a 'few' years" David's says. This car has been hit by a "twister" twice,
but David's friend still hangs on to it. I'm sure he won't regret keeping it, especially
if he takes care to keep it from rusting out and then restores it someday,
because it will only keep going up in value as it gets older.

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