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"Starsky & Hutch®" Ford Gran Torino®
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Damon has had this Starsky Torino for 20 Years now, but he was unsure if it was
an original factory car until a recent review of the DSO number - 530022.

Damon's first interaction with the "Striped Tomato" came in 1976.
Like many of us, the first time he saw the TV show, he was hooked.
In 1981, he found a "Starsky and Hutch" car at a local Dodge dealership, (a Trade-in).
It was already sold and he thought that he would never get his hands on one.
In 1984, he found the same car in a small car lot on the other side of town!
The car was in very bad shape. The engine had been removed and replaced with a 351
Cleveland with C4 transmission. The engine code called for a 460, so a couple of years ago
he found an old 76 LTD and swapped the engine and tranny.
The original white vinyl seats were well worn and have been replaced with maroon
cloth split-bench and the rest of the white interior has been changed to maroon.

S&H Torino
Damon's daughter turned 17 this year and has begun to drive.
She was always curious why he had kept this car around for so long.
For her 17th birthday she asked that they drive the car to the premier of the
"Starsky & Hutch" movie in Topeka. Damon's daughter is now an avid S&H Torino fan
and has advised him that he is NOT allowed to ever sell this car!

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