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Charles B.'s "Starsky & Hutch"®
1976 Ford Gran Torino®

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Charles is French but lived in the US for 17 months for farming machinery student training. When he arrived in the US on July 17, 2000, to work the harvest on a North Dakota farm, he started looking for a 75/76 Torino but the ND weather do not allow good searching. In December of 2000, one of the farm employees drove to Kansas with his brother for deer hunting. Driving through a town called Claflin, he spotted the rear of a Torino sticking out between a couple of trucks alongside a gas station. He pulled over and asked to station 's manager for some info about the car, and it turned out the manager's son owned it. Charles called the guy and they agreed on a price.

S&H Torino

Charles drove a round trip from Jamestown, ND, to Claflin, KS, in 3 days in the snow to get the car. He titled it on February 24, 2001, and registered it with ''ZEBRA3'' on the license plate! The car was sold new by Murdy Motors, Hoisington, KS, on August 6, 1976. It was 2M red with a 351M , C4, A/C, Power Steering, tinted glass, white vinyl bucket seats, center console and floor shifter, bumper guards, and body side moldings.

S&H Torino

Charles left North Dakota to go to Arizona for the second part of his training on May 20, 2001. He drove through Sough Dakota, Utah, Nevada, California, and ended the trip in Casa Grande, AZ on June 3rd. While in Arizona, he rebuilt the suspension with PST component spring bushings, tie rods, 1 1/8 front sway bar, 7/8 rear, and all new brakes, adjustable regulator, 3/4 master cylinder instead of 1''. He added dual 2.5'' exhaust, viscostatic fan, Edelbrock intake and 750 cfm carb, Mallory coil and inanition, and got rid of all the pollution control junk. He rebuilt a C6 tranny, put it in the trunk with 2 big blocks, a 429 (1968) and a 460 (1977) and drive the car to LA for the boat on December 22, 2001.

S&H Torino

He got his car on French ground in February, 2002. Since then, he has rebuilt the 351 to 9.5 to 1 CR and repainted the car. What an incredible story! Thanks for sharing, Charles!

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