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Bridget D.'s Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch"®Ford Gran Torino®
S&H Torino

Bridget just purchased this Limited Production 'Starsky & Hutch" Gran Torino in 2004.
The paint is faded, but it's original - which could make this car more valuable than some.
Bridget looks forward to restoring it - she found parts and met other owners at our
reunion in Evansville, Indiana in September 2004. NEXT year, we hope she brings the car!

Two things you don't see very often: the original factory stripe and Magnum 500 wheels.
As far as I am concerned, TOO MANY owners of original S&H Gran Torinos
replace the original factory stripe with one that's more like the TV show when they
re-paint their car. While I certainly like the TV show stripe better, I believe the stripe
that came on the car from the factory should be kept on the car for the sake of the
car's value as a collector's item. Of course, only time will tell if I'm right or not.
Right now, ANY Torino painted like Starsky's can be sold for a good deal of money
because the car is popular. But, as a collector's item, the S&H units built by Ford
have not reached their full value yet. They are still too "new" as collectible cars go.
But someday, I believe, a documented S&H unit with the original "look" will be worth
more than a regular Gran Torino with a S&H paint job (in similar overall condition).
Only about 1,000 S&H units were made, and less than 100 still exist (as far as I know).
On the other hand, almost 24,000 normal Gran Torinos were built in 1976,
and over 100,000 were made altogether from 1974 to 1976 - hardly a "rare" car.

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