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Brad T.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch®" Ford Gran Torino®

After five years of hard work, Brad's S&H Gran Torino is finally back on the road.
It looks fantastic - especially in light of the condition it was in when he bought it!
I saw the car in person (and considered buying it) when it was in Wisconsin in 1999.
Brad was able to see the diamond in the rough when all I could see was rough.

Now the diamond is revealed in all its splendor!

Brad has a few more trim pieces to hunt down, but the car is practically complete.

When it arrived in Scotland, it had no engine, no transmission, no electrical, and the body
was full of holes. Brad was able to find the parts he needed from Blue Oval, Larry Wiist,
and others, but of course he had to have them all shipped to Scotland from the US,
which must have prolonged the restoration process and raised the price considerably.

The car now has a monster 460 engine with C-6 transmission, Crane cam, Edelbrock
manifold and 750 cfm carburetor. It has Hooker competition headers and "sounds great!"

Fantastic work, Brad! You're an inspiration to all of us, especially those restoring their cars!

Upon arrival in Scotland, September 1999.

Primed & partially painted, October 2000.

Painted, January 2003.

The 460 installed, June 2003.

Ready to tear up the streets of Scotland - 2005. Great Job, Brad!


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