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Bill M.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch®" Ford Gran Torino®
Bill M.'s Starsky & Hutch Torino
If anyone on earth DESERVES to own a factory original S&H Unit, it's THIS GUY!
Bill was a paint mixer at Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant in 1976 and was
directly involved with the painting of the "Starsky & Hutch
®" Torinos at the plant.

For more information about the painting process, read Bill's article in the Fairlaner.

You'll notice that, when he wrote that in December 1996, he was "seeking a real [S&H]
unit to restore," and eight years later, he finally found this one in North Carolina and
brought it back to the Chicago area where he helped create it over 28 years ago!

Here, Bill's car has just arrived at the airport where it will be undergoing a complete
restoration in Bill's hangar. (Bill and his wife, Nancy, own and operate
Northeast Aviation in Lansing, Illinois. For more information,
visit their web site.)

Bill might tell you that he was just doing his job when he painted the S&H Units,
but since he wrote the Fairlaner article in 1996, he's been going out of his way
to help people who own those cars by sharing valuable information and coming to
our reunions to visit with S&H Torino owners and share his personal experiences.
Bill has been a member of the "family" of S&H Torino Owners for many years,
and we're all glad to see he finally has an "S&H" of his own to restore and enjoy.

Stay tuned for new pictures and information about Bill's car as the restoration
project gets underway, and watch the car get transformed BACK into the
condition it was in when Bill helped put it together the first time in 1976!

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