S&H Torino Headquarters
Bill & Heidi H.'s '76
Gran Torino
"Starsky & Hutch®" Replica

Starsky & Hutch Torino
This Gran Torino Brougham has a 351 small block that "runs great."
Bill bought the car in 2001 from a lady who used it as a daily driver.
He found it on the Internet and it seemed to be "in a bad way."
It was the banana yellow and had a brown vinyl top.
When Bill received the car, he was surprised to find no body damage
and very little rust, except for the typical rear window rust
caused by the vinyl top - which was significant.

Starsky & Hutch Torino
Bill took the car to Sawdust Paint & Body in The Woodlands Texas.
"These guys," Bill says, "were a blessing from God! They saw
what I wanted to do and agreed to do it for what I had in my pocket."

To his surprise, they insisted on doing much more than he asked.
They took pride in their work and Bill was the beneficiary.
They took out every ding and dent, most of which Bill couldnít see.
They even rebuilt the rear window area with new metal.
"Their attention to detail," he says, "was amazing."

The first coat of paint was black. Bill liked it so much he almost left it black!
Then he and his wife laid out the stripe by hand with quarter inch tape.
He wanted a combination of his old car (read below), the TV car,
and the limited edition S&H stripe. The resulting stripe curves in the back
but takes up less of the sail area than the TV show stripe.
Bill chose Viper Red for the color and is "so happy" with the results!

Bill's S&H Torino History
"I got my first Torino when I was 16 for $400. It was a brown, beat up 1972.
I did the bodywork on the car and when it came time to paint it,
I thought the red and white design would spice it up.
Iíd never really paid much attention to "Starsky & Hutch.
Even though it was on the air at the time,
I didnít even bother to watch the show to get the stripe correct.
As a result, I had a car with a pretty wild look, which was cool by me.
My school colors were red and white and the car became an icon around town.
Oddly enough, when I recently had some chrome work done on my new car,
the fellow doing the work remembered my first car from over 20 years ago.

When I needed my next car I bought a 1976 Gran Torino.
This car was beautiful! But it was banana yellow and it needed a paint job.
This time I looked at the show and did a pretty good job of matching the design.
I kept that car for a few years until I bought a brand new Trans Am.
What a mistake, Iíve wanted my Torino back ever since.
So, I turn 40, and that brings us to the car on this page."

Jimmy H.'s Starsky & Hutch Torino
Bill says, "My wife has been such a support with the car.
She watched over the striping and encourages me to work on it.
A man came up to us in a parking lot recently, and asked to buy the car.
He offered $18,000 cash, as is! My wife shook her head, "no."
She knew that you couldnít put a price on recapturing a dream.
What she doesnít realize is, sheís the dream, and the carís just the ride."

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