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Barb & Pat K.'s Limited Production 1976
"Starsky & Hutch"
®Ford Gran Torino®

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Barb and Pat purchased this S&H Torino in Wisconsin in 2002, and had it shipped home to Arizona. Quite a climate change for the car - but I'm sure it's happier there, especially in January! It's one of the first S&H Torinos I ever saw in person, besides my own.

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Barb says the car had sat outside in the rain and snow for two years before she and Pat bought it. The floor was rusted completely out, the dash was broken, and it didn't run. Barb and Pat have replaced the floor, carpet, dash, radio, steering wheel, brakes, springs, shocks, gauges, bumper, transmission, all rubber parts, steering parts, and "lots, lots more." They rebuilt the original 351 W engine with a 408 stroker kit.

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