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Ashley H.'s 1976 Ford Gran Torino Brougham®
"Starsky & Hutch"®Replica

Ashley found this car in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The roof and trunk were completely rusted through, allowing water to penetrate and create even more holes throughout the vehicle. The interior was "a nice rotted-sun brittle blue." Ashley completely gutted the inside and replaced it with new carpet and top which was a darker blue. The seats were cleaned and covered with black and red seat covers with a cool Starsky & Hutch T-shirt logo from the '70s ironed onto them.

The dash and door panels and most of the rest of the plastic were painted in satin black. The exterior needed major repair with Bondo and fiberglass, and if you can believe it, a large portion of the car is painted with spray paint! Ashley replaced the old dash with a Gran Torino Sport dash for more gauges, installed a new smaller padded steering wheel, CB/PA system, Alpine Stereo, a few red accents, a siren, and a red strobe light for the roof.

The 351 engine got a good cleaning, new paint, new hoses and belts, new aluminum Edelbrock Manifold and Edelbrock 650 Carb combo, and a few more tweaks from Ashley's mechanic/buddy/Hutch Brian Crump, and she was almost ready to roll. Finally a Flowmaster Exhaust was installed for great sound and 4 new Bridgestone Tires for the 14x7 front and 14x10 rear Fenton Wheels were installed for stability. Ashley says, "The car is a blast to drive and sooo comfortable. I love it and drive it about 80 miles (very quickly) every day!"

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