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Photos from the Fairlaner Article
"The Real Starsky & Hutch Gran Torinos!
The Real McCoys!"
Photos and captions by Doug Stevenson

 S&H TV Show Torino
Front shot of "#1." Note the silver filler panels.
Rust and damage on the header panel and bumper
might be from a camera mount.

 S&H TV Show Torino
Close-up of rust on "#1." Note that the "Gran Torino"
insignia is missing and the holes are covered up.
I believe this is due to an "accident" during filming,
and when they put the car back together,
they left the insignia off. This is visible in several
episodes if you look closely.

S&H TV Show Torino
Rear shot of "#1" showing silver filler panels. The reason
why they are silver is because in 1976 paint code
"2B" was not a standard color for Torinos. Whenever
Ford painted a car a color that was not standard,
the filler panels were always silver. The factory S&H
Torinos were also painted "2B," but the filler panels
were painted to match since "2B" was considered
the standard color for factory S&H Torinos.
[ Every Limited Edition S&H Torino build sheet that I've
seen has said, "install red sight shields" on it in the
comments section at the bottom. This would have
been a special instruction to the people working the
assembly line to make the sight shields (or "filler panels")
red instead of silver, which, as Doug states,
would have been standard. - John Q.]

S&H TV Show Torino
Another rear shot of "#1." Note the fuel filler door insignia.
This is the correct insignia for the 1976 model year Gran Torinos.

Interior shots of "#1" with bench interior. Interior shows the car
had power windows, locking hood release, auto climate
control, power seat control, cruise control, factory
AM/FM - 8 track player, clock, [and tilt steering column].

The trunk of "#1" showing luggage compartment dress-up,
with carpeting and filler panels.

Gran Torino "#1" still shows the sticker that Ford put on the cars
when they went to auction. Torino "#2" also had this sticker, but
it was peeled off by a previous owner. The glue, however, is still
visible on the window.

This is the roof of "#1" above the passenger side.
Note the chipped paint possibly caused by the red light
that they threw on the roof.

Engine compartment of "#1" still has its original engine,
although some modifications were done
after the car was auctioned.

Gran Torino "#2" has not fared as well as "#1."
It was wrecked, sold as salvage, reclaimed with borrowed
parts, and repainted the wrong color. Fortunately, the
rear mag wheels are in the trunk.

Gran Torino "#2" has bucket seats. These were substituted
for the original bench seat to keep David Soul from
sliding into Paul Michael Glazer during sharp cornering.

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