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Addition to the Fairlaner Article
"The Real Starsky & Hutch Gran Torinos!
The Real McCoys!"
Information from
Doug Stevenson's Letter from Ford
listing the Specifications for his Two Torinos

Ford Customer Service Division
Ford Motor Company
PO Box 43360
Detroit, MI 48243
May 9, 1997

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

You requested information on two 1976 Torino vehicles.

Each VIN decodes as follows:
6 = 1976 Model Year
H = Lorain Assembly Plant
30 = Gran Torino, 2-Door Hardtop
A = 460 CID Engine with 4-barrel carburetor

Each vehicle was built 2/16/76 with the following options:
Special Paint Option Deluxe Seatbelts
Vinyl Bench Seats AM/FM Multiplex Stereo, Radio
Black Interior Trim Low Vacuum Warning Light
California Emissions Automatic Seat Back Release
XPL Type (C-6) Automatic Trans. Appearance Protection Group
Conventional Rear Axle Anti-Theft Package
Heavy Duty Electrical System Visibility Light Group
JR78 x 14 Radial Tires (Whitewalls) Power Windows
Electric Clock Heavy Duty Suspension
Tilt Steering Column Power Door Locks
Speed Control Vanity Mirror
Single Control Power Seat Luggage Compartment Dress-Up
Bumper Protection Group Bodyside Moulding
Automatic Air Conditioning  

I hope this information proves helpful,

Ron Said
Technical Research Unit
Customer Assistance Center

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