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  News Release
Public Relations, Ford Division
P.O. Box 1509, Dearborn, Mich. 48121
Telephone: (313) 337-7560
February 9, 1976    
A production version of the flashy red Ford Gran Torino used by television detectives Starsky and Hutch as a chase car in the popular Wednesday night television series is going to be offered by U.S. Ford dealers.

"The Starsky/Hutch vehicle has that performance car look, and it's exciting a lot of young people," said Douglas T. McClure, Ford Division merchandising manager. "We're delighted that we can make the car available to the general public, even on a limited production basis. It's a colorful addition to our dealerships' showrooms, and a lot of youths are going to have a lot of fun owning and driving it."

The Starsky/Hutch Gran Torino is a bright red two-door hardtop with a white vector paint stripe on each side. A 351 CID V-8 engine is standard with the special production model. Dual racing mirrors and a duluxe bumper group are required as optional equipment.

Ford will produce only about 1,000 of the special versions of the mid- sized car. All of them will be built at Ford's Chicago (Ill.) Assembly Plant. Orders are being accepted now at Ford dealerships. Production begins in March.

The Starsky/Hutch car will be one of Ford Division's spotlight vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show, February 20-29. The division also will display it's new customized vans and many of its regular production cars and trucks at the auto show.

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